Success Stories

We at The Compounding Pharmacist have had the great fortune of working very closely with some of our patients and their doctors to ensure proper care & treatment. We have witnessed truly amazing success stories through our compounded medications. We have highlighted some of our results below.

Patient 1: Wound Care Treatment

The below patient (48 year old male) came to us in July of 2012 after seeking several treatment options at well renowned university facilities for over three years with little to no progress in healing. The first image on the left below pictures the patient’s wound during the first week of treatment with two different topical wound gels tailored by The Compounding Pharmacist to fit the patient’s specific needs. The wound was at a stage 4 with yeast infestations at the beginning of treatment. By week 18 of the treatment with diligent application of the 2 wound gels as pictured to the far right below, the wound progressed to a stage 2 wound. Other medical conditions affecting the patient's recovery included his quadriplegic state and inability to comply with nutritional guidelines due to mental trauma from an accident during his childhood. Due to the patient’s other medical conditions, he required additional care in a separate facility following week 18 which inhibited our documentation of a completely healed wound. Nevertheless, the progress we were able to document showed astounding healing results which were not achievable for three years prior to our wound care therapy. 

Case 1 Wound Care Progression by Week with LOGO

Week 1 Wound Stage:4
Week 18 Wound Stage:2
Wound Care Therapy Used:2 Distinct Customized Topical Gels. The first applied on heavier tissue surrounding the wound to facilitate increase in blood flow. The second applied on the inner area of the wound to stabilize & regrow the tissue.


Patient 1: Low-Dose Naltrexone Patient Testimonial

Patient: 65 year old Female

Diagnosis: PTSD due to years of verbal and physical abuse by mother

Testimonial Given: 2 1/2 Months After Beginning Treatment

Waking up is more pleasant

When I wake up now, I say to myself “Time to get up vs. I have to get up.” After week 2, I woke up with a smile on my face. I can’t remember the last time I woke up with a smile on my face.  

Sleep Improvement 

I fall asleep in about 15 minutes. Before LDN it could take me 2 hours to fall asleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I fall asleep much quicker when I get back to bed. Thus, I am getting more productive sleep. 

Lower Back Pain Improvement

Stiffness and pain in my lower back has lessened by 50%. 1 week after starting LDN treatment, I weeded our front garden. This is something I could not do for the past 8 years due to pain.

More excited about life each day

Less anxious, feel calmer, more relaxed, not startled as easily, less confused. Feel more alert and younger. I am able to switch topics quicker or switch gears.

Migraine Headache Improvement

This year on Mother’s Day, I did not wake up with a severe migraine. For the past 10 years I’ve been waking up with severe migraines on Mother’s Day. When I do get a migraine, the pain is less severe and has decreased by 50%. This occurred after week 3 of treatment.

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